Simone Ritter Art

A Journey - One Painting at a Time

Simone Ritter Art

A Journey - One Painting at a Time

Hello from Wintery New Brunswick!

I am glad you found my page. The winter is still pretty much a going concern here, but we've had warmer temps lately and the days are getting longer. I am ready for spring to arrive! Still, I was lucky to paint outside a few times to celebrate the season.

Also, I have dug out my oil pastels and painting daily small sketch paintings. You can see them under 'oil pastels' by clicking here

I welcome you to browse my site and I hope you will enjoy my works!                                     Thank you!

                                                                                                          Simone Ritter

Are you interested in a one-of-a-kind artwork painted just for you? Looking for that special gift?

Now is a good time to get in touch for it to be ready for the holidays and Christmas.

I would need a good photograph, and will talk directly with you about any details, the story behind or what is important to you in the painting. We will do this together! I want you to be happy.

Pricing goes by size, so here's a list of my prices.

(incl. matting and shipping to ConUS and Canada):

Painting Size/Matted Size/price

5x7in               8x10in           $120

8x10in            11x14in          $225

11x14in           16x20in        $400

16x20in         22x28in         $750

21x29in         28x36in         $1500

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