About Me

About Me

An inner fire makes me long to paint; this fire frees my spirit and feeds my mind. The minute I put my brush on canvas or paper my thoughts seem to calm down, as if to focus and make sense ‘of it all’. This process often results in vibrant, bold colour applications.


When I apply pigment- strokes of vibrant juicy and rich colours- a painting takes shape and I feel that inner glow - brilliant, beaming, glorious, joyful radiance. I forget about time and space, it is like meditating and letting my mind ‘float away’.


Once I finish a painting I feel mostly tired, but happily ‘empty’ as my emotions, my fire and energy got transferred onto the canvas leaving me refreshed to soak in anew what life has to offer.


My approach is very simplified and focused by only using the three primary colours. However, the best available artist’s paints make it a joy to create a limitless number of different shades, values and colours.


I enjoy painting from life. When I paint outside, ‘en plein air’, I try to capture the moment, the light, the sound and the smell of the air as if to take the viewer with me to the place, but still leave enough room for their own interpretation.


Because the winters are very cold in New Brunswick, I am forced to paint indoors during the colder months. During those times I explore new ways, try new products and approaches.


I started painting in watercolours in 2002 and have now spread my wings to acrylic and oil. This opened new horizons for me. What possibilities! And as I have ventured out, I find myself coming back to my watercolours, changing to a looser style and trying to push myself to paint bigger.


For the last couple of years, I also have been working on a series of larger abstract acrylic and oils, that use multiple layers of paint, applied from dark to light, from thin washes to impasto layers on top of each other to create swirls of movement as giving birth in the cosmic landscape.


I enjoy immensely working large and loose and even though the viewer might be baffled how to connect my watercolour plein air pieces to the large oil and acrylic abstracts- both in style and use of medium, I feel they can happily co-exist as I borrow knowledge gained from each medium- for example, taking the pace from working outdoors on location to working swiftly inside the studio, or applying  certain layering and building techniques from working in oil to constructing watercolour paintings.


At the end of the day, I want to share with the viewer not only a subject but showcase the different ‘flavour’ each medium brings. If my work reaches the viewer to take a moment- to look, to imagine and to take my invitation for a short break, I feel an immense honour and gratitude to have been able to be part of their day.

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Exhibitions and Education

Exhibitions and Education

Art Education and Courses:

2016 Life drawing the human figure, Geordie Millar, Sunbury Shores Art

2014 Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, oil plein air, Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center,                  St. Andrews, NB

2010 Sheryl Crighton, Portraiture in Acrylic, layering techniques

2007‐2008 Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA; soft pastel, Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Center, St. Andrews, NB

2004‐2005 Robert van der Peer, master printmaker; printmaking and archival framing

2004 Sketch and Life Drawing Group, ‘Easygoing Easels’; Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Center

2001‐2006 Chinkok Tan, Plein Air Watercolour, Ontario College of Art and Design, held in St. Andrews and on Grand Manan

2001 Watercolour Basics with Geoff Slater; Jarea Art Studio, St. Andrews, NB


Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Sunbury Shores, Front Gallery: 'Inspiration- Man Made and Human'

2012 Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews, NB, 'Inspiration'

2011 Imperial Theatre, Saint John, ‘A night at the Theatre’

2009 Gillmor’s Coach House Gallery, St. George, NB


Group Exhibitions:

2007 - 2016 Fundy Artists, annual group show and sale, Algonquin and KIRA

St. Andrews, NB

2008 - 2015 Art Open House, Europa Inn, St. Andrews, NB

2014 - 2015 Sunbury Shores Christmas Exhibit, St. Andrews, NB

2008 - 2015 Plein Air Painters of the Bay of Fundy, bi-annual group show, various locations (Saint John, NB; Eastport, ME; Lubec, ME; St. Andrews, NB

2010 Group Exhibition, down east sails up town, …byDesign, Bangor ME

2007 - 2008 Charlotte County Artists group show, Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center

2004 - 2008 Artists-by-the-sea for hospice, group show and live painting,

St. Andrews, NB

2004 Group Show ‘Just Looking’; The Papermill Gallery Todmorden Mills

Museum and Arts Center, Toronto ON



2016 'Paint the Past' juried Plein Air Event, 3rd prize 'Boiling the Wool at the Ingraham's House

2009  1st price, ‘The Art of Food’ Juried Art Show, Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews, NB


Teaching and Volunteer Projects:

2016 Discover & Paint Charlotte County- Monday guide/leader

2016 Artrageous Festival, Kingsbrae St. Andrews, instructing school classes

2015 Watercolour intro for teens, Saint John Homeschool Group

2014 Watercolour intro for teens, Youth Retreat, Villa Madonna

2010-12 VBS and Christmas Play decorating and backdrop painting

2009 ‘That’s How They Do That’; watercolour demo afternoon, Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Center

2009 VMES, sketch bee; sketch group during lunch recess

2009 SSES, elementary school art intro, Carole Murphy, St. Stephen

2008 St Andrews Daycare Center, PCCI, Mural design layout and execution throughout the play areas

2007 Baptist Church, St. Andrews, Mural layout and execution throughout the  children's play area

1996 Realschule Lindenberg, design and execution of recreational and outdoor recess area with 20 foot mural

1994 Kinderfestverein Opfenbach, design of children's photo booth attraction

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