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September is over, all paintings are painted, now it’s time to vote! I ask you for help to select YOUR most favorite 12 campers I have painted this past month. These 12 will be featured in my 2018 Vintage Camper Calendar.

3 lucky winners will receive a calendar, just leave your email at the voting page. I need your email to contact you if you win;-)

I will keep this short, but hope you’ll hop on over to my voting page and choose your favorite glampies!

thank you and stay in touch!!


Yey, finally! I’m done my work, YOUR time now to let me know which camper paintings you’d like to see featured in my 2018 Camper Calendar.
Voting will be available til Sunday evening 8pm EST. The Voting Opens October 3rd. Please invite friends and come back often to cast your vote;-)
thank you so much for participating!


Camper A Day paintings 2017 collage Simone-ritter-art


Here is this year’s collage. All paintings featured I have done in September.

I have struggled this year with the collage, so have to just share with the editor watermark, but hope that’s OK.

I will work on the voting page tomorrow, Monday and share that with you so you can share which paintings are your favorites and you’d like to see in the 2018 calendar! Wohoo! Of course, I invite you to tell your friends (esp. if you are one of the lucky ones that got their submission painted;-)

thank you again for sharing the journey and let’s stay in touch!


Airstream Bambi ‘Minnie Lou’

Airstream Bambi Minnie Lou watercolor-Simone-Ritter-Art-2017-8x11in

Airstream Bambi ‘Minnie Lou’

orig. watercolor 8x5x11in

purchase info here

It’s been a loooooong painting day again- nightshift painting again- final spurt. It was a ‘Just Because’ sort of day…

Airstream Bambi ‘Minnie Lou’ is my last official camper portrait for this time around. Even though I have painted two paintings today. You will see the other one below, you’ll understand. But first, let’s start with this one here:

I know, I know, this one is a new Airstream Model not an old one. But I got asked to paint it and because I liked it, I did paint it! Ha! feels good to being able to make a decision like this Just Because😉

No really, I am struggling with this perspective thing as you have seen a few days ago (with dear Catalina from New Zealand) and what could be more challenging in perspective than an Airstream from a sharp angle with reflections? This was reason enough to give it a shot.

What I’ve learned again is that really what we paint is not what we think we see. So, I’ve not painted aluminium panels reflecting sky and landscape, but I’ve looked carefully and painted shapes and light values, what I saw in the reference photo. Actually, I exaggerated what I saw in the colors, yielding a more ‘polished look’ (haha, no pun intended!)

Here is a photo of the work-in-progress:

work in progress simone-ritter-art-work-in-progress-airstream-watercolorBut this was not all I painted today.

As I mentioned above, I painted another painting today. Just Because I felt I needed to!

I just couldn’t let it sit to not give Catalina a decent showing here. So, for my own peace of mind I painted her again today. I painted her this morning right after the kids were in school and I got a brisk walk in (this month’s sitting is starting to give my lower back some grief). In short: I was fresh and ready to go!

I focused on the angles, the interplay of the angles and the perspective. I asked my husband to check it (haha). Once he gave me green light, I carefully tip-toed my way into the painting with light layerings to establish the various plains, I have to say it was quite a process, but I feel much happier with this one now. I might still touch up that white middle bar (maybe, haha).

So, here my second painting: Dear Miss Catalina from New Zealand!

New Zealand 1969 Catalina New-Zealand-1969-Catalina-Simone-Ritter-Art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

1969 Catalina from New Zealand

orig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11.14in frame)

purchase info here

I thank you all for your support and encouragement and the invitation to your friends that love art and/or campers to follow me online! Thank you very, very much!

I will post all paintings featured in a collage tomorrow and early next week I should have the voting online for you to like your favorite paintings, which will be featured in my 2018 calendar collection.

I will announce once it is online and ready to go, just follow my Facebook: Simone Ritter Art or Instagram: SimoneRitterArt or here of course;-)

Thanks again and stay in touch! Gotta go, zzz now…. too late already again;-)




1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner 1965-Aristocrat-Lo-Liner-Simone-Ritter-Art-watercolor-2017-8x10in

1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

purchase info here

Today’s camper is this red 1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner. It’s proud owner writes the following:

‘This is “The Hen House” – my very first vintage trailer. I named her
after finding some cute curtain fabric & a vintage red leather
suitcase! My very first vintage trailer!’

Isn’t it the best how many people start a renovation (camper or other) with a some inspiration piece? Here it was a cute curtain fabric and a vintage leather suitcase. My own kitchen reno and so many others behind me I know exactly how she feels. It takes just one inspiration piece to get a vision. I guess that the red leather suitcase was the model for the red color outside.

Side note about submitting photos:

Today I had to work some imaginary angles as the photo was cropped. I usually don’t choose cropped photos as it just adds that extra level of stress to guess it right, but I am a sucker for red, so I let it slip. It was stressful, haha! The owner offered different photos but it was too late to contact her as my month is coming to an end very soon.

I believe more people have tried to send  photos in, but my ‘super basic uploader’ doesn’t have a landing page stating if things went through. Many people were wondering (however the uploader shows if things don’t go through). Most problems I saw was too large files. My computer screen is not showing the whole photo if files arrive at full size, often 5mb!. I had this a couple years ago and it drove me crazy to re-size almost every other photo. So I decided that photos have to be sent the right size for me to work from. Many people read and understood and I’m very thankful for the time I could spend painting rather than editing pics;-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tomorrow, more camper before we call it done for this time and I want to thank each and every one again for sending in your pics! I had fun and hope you did have, too!



1968 Forester ‘Violet’

1968 Forester 'Violet' Simone-Ritter-Art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

1968 Forester ‘Violet’

orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

purchase info here

Today’s feature camper is this 1968 Forester ‘Violet’. It required a lot of sensitive mixing and keeping the wells clean to get all those purples and violets, but I enjoyed it. See, every day a new challenge for me here, haha. Also, today I was sooo sure to be done before dinner time with the painting as I have specifically nothing planned for the whole day. Oh well, it is again 10:30pm as I write this… And I still have to bake an apple cake as I have a friend come over for coffee in the morning. And drain the chicken stock bubbling on the stove.

So, you see, my time management skills are definitely not 100% and could use some adjusting.

My Mommy Day Today:

This afternoon was a most beautiful day outside. The morning started foggy and drab, but by noon it cleared up and the sun was glorious mid afternoon. Once they arrived from school, I grabbed the kids, the bikes and scooters and we headed down to Indian Point Beach for fresh air and beach combing. Besides, I wanted to check out if that aqua Shasta Re-Issue was still at the campground. Prepared, I had brought my paints. Unfortunately, the camper had left already.

At the Beach though, a large rock formation is my kids’ imaginary pirate ship and they always have fun hopping and climbing busily up and down. Today the fighting was kept to a minimum- bonus!

As I was taking photos of them, I realized again how fast they are growing up. I cherish my time with them and try to spend meaningful time with them, often outdoors. I enjoy our small adventures, even if it’s just a bike ride down to the beach and collecting shells. Winter will be here in no time and then I enjoy the sweet memories of summer days gone by.


1959 Shasta ‘Ginger’

1959 shasta ginger simone-ritter-art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

1959 Shasta ‘Ginger’

orig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

purchase info here

Today’s feature glamper is this most awesome 1959 Shasta ‘Ginger’. I had a blast painting it! Wow, what a statement camper! I can just imagine the looks and comments coming every time it is being taken out. Wouldn’t this be the perfect addition to any Christmas holiday market?

What comes to mind is the saying: sing as if no one is watching. Really, the little kid in us is being drowned out so often, just to ‘fit in’ and to ‘be normal’. This camper today shows that life doesn’t have to be like that. It can be a reflection of our creativity, fun and life-loving self. In the way we live it, we give others joy and hopefully courage to pursue their own dreams.

I’m somewhat Philosophical today, but this is what thoughts just came to mind. High five to its proud owner! Great job, love your little Shasta! Thank you for sending her in!

I’m thinking, I should start decorating around the house- fall, Thanksgiving… yes, this painting might have done it. But first I have to finish painting my daily campers. It seems my life has been on hold as I spend so much time each day to paint and post those. Almost there, just a few days left…

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to see you tomorrow again with another little camper!

Orange White 1968 Shasta 1500

orange white 1968 Shasta 1500 at dusk Simone-ritter-art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

Orange White 1968 Shasta 1500

orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

purchase info here

Today’s Orange White 1968 Shasta 1500 felt like painting a deja-vu. I have the small version of it, haha, so I’m quite familiar with its angles and curves (now doesn’t this sound sexy!).

This one here is in a low-light situation, it seems overcast or dusk with little reflective light bouncing around. Makes a challenge to paint a happy sunny scene, so I opted to just forgo that endeavor but embrace what it is. It’s owner is a very pretty, happy young woman. She was in the submission photo, too. But out of fear of biting too big a piece off the apple in regards to getting the portrait right, I simplified and not add her in the scene. I can tell you, it was a challenge just by itself!

You gals keep me on my toes all right! My hope is it will make me a better painter.

There are only a few more days left and I’m looking forward to seeing the full 30 paintings all lined up. My favorite part is always the collage poster with every one camper featured. 5 more days to go, oh, wait- 4 more days;-)

Thanks again for stopping by and let’s see what’s in tomorrow’s camper-candy-bag!?


1953 Fleetwood

1953 Fleetwood stevie-53-Simone-Ritter-Art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

1953 Fleetwood

orig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

purchase info here

Welcome Stevie, a 1953 Fleetwood Camper! You are our feature glamper today! Sent in by Penny’s owner from a couple of days ago. What a beautiful restored campie I’d have to say!

And today not even my Wiki friends from TinCan Tourists can help out with information.

So, I’d keep it short and just want to say a great big ‘thank you’ to all of you journeying with me.

I see it an honor to paint every day those beautiful old campers that people of all walks lovingly restore and enjoy the great outdoors in. Our hearts are often longing for adventure, for freedom and to explore our beautiful planet. And these campers speak exactly this, in the simple ways of life from yesteryear. It certainly is on my bucket-list to travel our continent and learn about its people.

I hope to see you again tomorrow with another little vintage;-) And if you’d still send your photo in, please do so, I might have a couple of spots open end of the week. God bless you and keep you in this new week!


Thank you Leslie Saeta for hosting the 30 paintings in 30 days project for artists again!

1955 Trotwood Cub

1955 Trotwood Cub 1955-trotwood-cub-Simone-Ritter-Art-2017-watercolor-8x10in

1955 Trotwood Cub

orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)

puchase info click here

This 1955 Trotwood Cub is my feature camper today. Have I ever mentioned I love red in vintage trailers???? Love the striped awning, wanted one for my little campie, but not the right red to be found for this color connoisseur, haha!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on the (hi)story of this little guy, so I hopped over to my dear wiki-friends from the TinCanTourist website (big thanks!):

“It all began with Ray Kuntz and Warren Wagner back in the late 1920’s. These schoolteachers occupied their summers in a garage on Grand Avenue. Here they were designing a prototype canvas tent on wheels to take camping.

Despite the economic gloom of the Great Depression in 1932 they opened Trotwood Trailers. By 1950 they grew to control 20% of the camper trailer market in Ohio. Because there were many models to choose from. One of their largest models can still be seen in the mobile home park on East Main Street of Trotwood Ohio. It was a regular sight to see 12 trailers rolling out of town every day on their way to customers across North America.

Their neighbors tolerated the pair working long hours from their ‘home office’. They were not realizing the impact their inventions would have on the trailer world as a result from innovative axle systems to the first side entry door trailer. Unfortunately Fire destroyed Trotwood’s legacy business back in 1981. Thousands of campers and travel trailers were built on North Broadway, Trotwood Ohio, for delivery all across the country. Trotwood Trailers were respected due to their innovative features and high quality construction. Many still survive today but the company does not.”