Orange Tulip Tumble 2017


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This original, one of a kind artwork was created with watercolour paints on Yupo (Mylar-type) surface.

The size is a large 34x22in watercolour on Yupo (a type of Mylar).

The painting white matting and frame and plexiglass (safe for shipping).

Yupo paintings needs to be framed with a glass or plexi to protect it as the paint is not sealed into the surface. This is why the colours are especially vibrant- they are not being soaked up by paper as with regular watercolours.

The special requirements make a Yupo painting something special and not too common, especially in this size. I love painting on Mylar surfaces as I thrive on colour.

As a special touch, our cat Lucky stepped on the painting while it was drying and left a light paw print on the white surface. You can see a detail pic in the picture gallery. Our Lucky was adopted from the local Cat Rescue Maritime and so I will donate $250 to our local Rescue group.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a cat to finish the painting…

If you would like more info, please drop me a line, I’d gladly answer!


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